Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site located at 225 West Main Street, in Mount Joy Borough to undergo Interim Remedial Action to remove remnants of historic subsurface MGP structures and MGP byproducts in subsurface soils.  Click here to read Environmental Fact Sheet.



Here are some tips for residents about the Borough’s winter operations:    



Snow and ice is to be removed from all sidewalks in front of or alongside properties, and is to be removed within 24 hours after such snow and ice has stopped.  There shall be a clear walk which must be at least 3’ wide along the entire length of the sidewalk.  In the event the snow and ice becomes so hard it cannot be removed, sand or another abrasive can be placed upon the sidewalk to make travel reasonably safe and, as weather permits, proceed to clear a path.

An accumulation of snow and ice on a building or any other structure which is liable to fall on any sidewalk, roadway or other public way must be removed within a reasonable time, but no later than 24 hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, sleet or freezing rain.

Snow and ice shall also be removed surrounding a fire hydrant, and no snow shall be deposited immediately next to a fire hydrant, or on any sidewalk, travel lane of a street or loading or unloading area of public transportation system.







          Collection can begin as early as 5 AM on your assigned pickup day.  Basic service includes three (3) 32-gallon refuse bags/cans.  Each bag/can is limited to 30 pounds.  Customers are asked to place trash/recycling containers at your pickup site the evening before your assigned day and should be removed promptly after 6 PM.  If your trash is missed, please do not remove it from your pickup site.  Call the Borough Office before 11 AM the next day at 653-2300 and arrangements will be made to have it picked up.


Water/Refuse Bill Change Card


Effective May 1, 2014, MJBA increased their water and sewer rates.  For additional information about the increases, please see the related articles in the 2014 annual report that was mailed to all customers in May or by clicking the following link, 2014 Annual Report.  You can also view the Rate Schedule/General Information Page.


SWIFT REACH 911 Emergency Notification System Changes


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